Donald Trump Has a Secret

President Trump has a secret that is also held by Barack Obama, George W. Bush, Bill Clinton and every President going all the way back to Eisenhower.

In Washington DC, a city riddled with leaks where the main currency is the exchange of information, how is it possible this secret has been kept for 64 years?

In this episode of Unconventional Threat, we are going to explore what we know—and what we don’t know—about PEADs, Presidential Emergency Action Documents.

Few Americans know that a state of emergency allows the President to exercise powers contained in secret Presidential Emergency Action Documents. More troubling, even fewer leaders of our federal government–in all three branches– know what authorities, documented in the PEAD’s, can be claimed by the President.

The question to be answered is “How do we safeguard our electoral process in a state of emergency, when the President is wielding unknown – and potentially unprecedented – uses of Presidential powers?”

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